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Jamf Pro Scripts

Leveraging Microsoft AutoUpdate 3.18 “msupdate” binary with Jamf Pro 10 Patch Policies

While we’re waiting for Jamf Pro 10’s Patch Management to support scripts, here’s one method to leverage Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) version 3.18 msupdate command-line tool to update Office apps via Jamf Pro 10’s built-in patch features, inspired by @pbowden-msft.

Jamf Pro Extension Attributes

Failed Logins

Returns the number of failed login attempts

macOS Support Essentials 10.13: Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) Exam Study Aids

In addition to Amsys’ excellent Revise IT, here’s a Brainscape deck for macOS Support Essentials 10.13, which is based on Apple’s Exam Preparation Guide.

Brainscape also provides an iOS app.